House of Numbers

The other side of AIDS

Dois filmes extraordinários acerca de SIDA e HIV.Devem ser vistos por qualquer um.  O virus ainda não foi encontrado!


Bruce Lipton : o impacto do ambiente e do espírito na saúde

Temos que olhar para os nossos pensamentos, crenças e comportamentos porque eles são mais determinantes na saúde e nas doenças do que os genes. Vejam.


 Global Brain

Peter Russell’s award-winning video, based on a live audio-visual presentation in 1983. He explores the idea that the Earth is an integrated, self-regulating living organism and asks what function humanity might have for this planetary being. It suggests that we stand on the threshold of a major leap in evolution, as significant as the emergence of life itself, and the essence of this leap is inner spiritual evolution. Moreover, Peter Russell maintains that it is only through such a shift in consciousness that we will be able to manage successfully the global crisis now facing us.


Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

In this incredible journey of realizing that we control the destiny of 5 trillion cells within by being the master creators that we are. This will open everyone’s eyes to conscious creation.

What the bleep do we know?

Interviews with scientists and authors, animated bits, and a storyline involving a deaf photographer are used in this docudrama to illustrate the link between quantum mechanics, neurobiology, human consciousness and day-to-day reality.