The Answer is Choice

“The answer to solving the world’s problems, even your personal problems, is using your brain well.

That means not being stuck in your usual habits. It means being able to make a choice.

The moment you choose something, you change. The new substances that you need are immediately produced in your brain. That’s the secret of the brain.

In order to make a choice, you need to have a good “sense”—to be sharp, keen, mindful, aware, and attentive. The most important thing to sense is your soul, or your true self. That’s where your conscience is. Your conscience is the voice of your soul. It tells you in what way you should change.

Within your soul, within your conscience, is the Hongik spirit—the desire to be of benefit to everyone beyond your own personal needs. When you have a sense of your Hongik spirit, your brain becomes bright and positive. You become glad and high in spirits. Your divinity, which resides in your brain stem, becomes stronger and brighter. It thrives when your mind is focused on the Hongik spirit. That’s when your brain works at it’s best.

To solve the world’s problems and overcome of your personal challenges, become mindful of your soul, let yourself be filled with the Hongik spirit, and activate your divinity. That is how you choose to change.

Each person’s choice changes the world around them.

Ilchi Lee”

Este é o fundador do Dahn Yoga.

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